Is Your Blog Dead in the Water? A Ghost Blogger Can Help

If you have spent any amount of time on the creation side of the blogosphere, you already understand the challenges most blogs tend to bring. Creating timely, fresh, engaging content on a regular basis doesn’t just happen. It takes hours to set up a blog, weeks to generate content, and months (or years) to gain a following that makes it all worthwhile.

And even after pouring valuable time and energy into each post, you still might not get the results you expect. Thankfully, there’s a thing called a ghost blogger.

Not to be confused with guest blogger, a ghost blogger creates blog posts on your behalf with your name as the author. Your audience is none the wiser that the articles they read were developed by someone far outside the walls of your office. As a result, you can rely on a steady flow of relevant, expertly written content to share with your readers.

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DIY Blogging Saves Money, Right?

Where we once hired contractors, marketers, and other professionals to do our grunt work, we have discovered that doing some things ourselves can prove easy to learn and provide a more cost effective alternative.

Blogging is not always one of these things.

Granted, some businesses pride themselves on their 100 percent original blog posts that come directly from their in-house staff. (Not to mention they are probably paying a pretty chunk of cash for those bragging rights.) But if you do not employ a talented team of writers, or if you are not a strong writer yourself, ghost blogger services can actually provide a less expensive alternative overall.

When it comes down to the dollar, you might find you are not really saving money by handling your own blog. How much time does it take you to generate a blog-worthy idea, put it in writing, check for grammar and spelling, optimize it for SEO, and finally post it to your site? It sounds like a lot of work, and truthfully, it is. That is, if you want a quality blog that gets you results.

Ghost Bloggers Do What They Do Best

Consider the elements that make a great blog tick. The most successful ones are those that always feature fresh, relatable content around a central topic, garner clicks, and social shares, and essentially drive web traffic. Now, you could spend countless hours studying marketing writing techniques and SEO best practices to boost your blog’s visibility. Or, you can turn to a professional ghost blogger who has already done the homework.

The ever-expanding worldwide web has made it easier than ever to garner information. Millions of free how-to videos, articles, websites, and social media posts that show us what we seek within a few clicks’ notice. In a world surrounded by hundreds of thousands of well-written blogs on every topic imaginable (and then some), you can’t afford to accept mediocrity as your blog’s M.O. It simply won’t survive. A ghost blogger does what he or she does best: writes blog posts, so you don’t have to.

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Many Hands Make Light Work

Relying on a single source for blog posts, information, and research comes with its own set of pitfalls. If you depend on tight deadlines, a variety of topics, or a large quantity of writing, you may find it difficult for one ghost blogger to meet your needs. Consider partnering with a ghost blogging service that can contract work to many different writers.

Enlisting the help of several ghost bloggers eensure you never run out of interesting things to blog about. Think of it as a personal matchmaker for your blog: A ghost blogging service representative can work with you to determine your desired style, tone, and types of content you want to promote. Then, the service provider can distribute assignments among their vetted team of ghost bloggers to make sure you only get writers who fit within your parameters. It’s like having your own dream team of writers at your disposal, but without the hefty payroll.

If you are brand new to the blogging realm, or have not yet taken the first step, there is truly no easier time to start, and also no excuses. The Internet has made it ultra simple to find ghost bloggers for hire to help you look like the industry expert you aspire to be.

Ghost blogger services contribute a revolving door of original content that builds your professional image. When it comes to doctors, lawyers, advanced pastry chefs, or ghost bloggers, some things are simply better left to the pros.