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12 Content Marketing Companies that are Straight Up Slaying the Digital Marketing Game

There’s much more to content marketing than writing great blog posts or emails. All the effort you put into your blog articles, website copy, and other creative elements is wasted unless you can make your content work together and get it in front of the right people.

Companies who are winning at content marketing have all the right tools and an entire team of professionals on their side who can strategize, write, edit, design, execute, and analyze every step of the way.

Take a look at our picks for the best full-service content marketing agencies and platforms, in no particular order:


This niche-specific content and digital marketing firm is the ultimate solution for franchises who struggle with content optimization. Celebrating three years since their founding, Condorly is Optimizely’s fastest-growing CRO and personalization agency.

Their focus is on creating content that will convert leads into buyers and establish an effective customer journey and user experience. To do this, Condorly creates personalized experiences for website visitors tailored to their specific needs and goals.

As a result, franchises are able to use their website content to generate quality leads, break down conversion barriers, learn more about their buyer behavior, and ultimately lower their customer acquisition costs.

See Condorly’s solutions in action here.

Twitter: @condorly


Skyword’s platform is one of the biggest things to ever happen to brand storytelling. The platform includes content marketing software, access to a freelance community, and other services to give companies a sustainable way to create and deliver content.

To start, you can find freelance talent to help you with writing and designing expertly branded blogs, videos, and influencer campaigns. The platform enables collaboration and ongoing communication between marketer and freelancers for the long-term.

Marketers can use the platform to get a bird’s eye view of their campaigns and distribution channels. You can manage the editorial calendar through the software and turn analytics into valuable insight to plan future campaigns.

One of the biggest selling points of Skyword is the ability to view version history of each piece of content. Nowadays, collaboration tools have made it all too easy for changes to be made without others taking notice, and Skyword delivers direct proof of a piece of content’s evolution.

Learn more about their game-changing platform here.

Twitter: @Skyword

Influence & CO

Founded in 2011, this all-in-one content marketing team handles all aspects of content strategy, creation, publication, and distribution. Lead generation, SEO, social media management, guest-contributed publishings, and owned media creation are among their suite of services to create a full-scale content marketing plan.

One of the reasons their fans love them is because of their proprietary content management software, ICo Core, to help facilitate all aspects of the content marketing strategy. The platform enables users to collaborate with their dedicated internal team at Influence & Co, as well as leverage built-in analytics so you can track your content’s performance at every step.  It also contains your content library of everything they create for you.

Their customer base includes consultants, authors, and thought leaders, as well as a number of Fortune 500 brands and Inc 5000 companies.

You can learn more about Influence & CO via their website.

Twitter: @InfluenceandCo

Content Harmony

This Seattle-based content marketing agency specializes in four core areas: strategy development, content creation, promotion, and measurement and improvement strategies. Because of this distinction between services, they make it easy to outsource all or part of your content marketing.

Starting with strategy, their process includes examining your audience personas to tailor a strategy around their needs. They review and audit your existing content, perform competitor analysis, and help you establish goals and KPI frameworks.

After establishing a strategy, Content Harmony can handle every part of the creation, publication, and distribution phases. Their multi-disciplined expertise includes email marketing, paid search, social media, blog posting, influencer outreach, and white-hat link building, among other services.

What makes them stand out is their methodical approach to content marketing. They have established a proven system that takes clients step by step through all parts of a content marketing initiative, ensuring that no piece of the puzzle goes overlooked. This high-level detail creates a comprehensive strategy that helps clients get great results.

They have a multitude of free resources available on their website, everything from blog articles to tools developed by Content Harmony. The must-have tool for content marketers is their ShareMetric Chrome extension, which tracks the number of social network shares. You can download it for free here.

Twitter: @contentharmony

Eucalypt Media

This small yet powerful digital marketing agency was created as a content marketing solution for funded startups and enterprises in the B2B space. Based in Maine, the company focuses on all aspects of content strategy and creation to generate qualified leads, increase conversions, and build stronger customer relationships.

The small size of this company ensures you get personalized service from people who know your name, not just your account number. Their team includes project managers, graphic designers, journalists, and technical consultants to create a well-rounded experience in every phase of your content marketing.

You can learn more about their company and services via their website.

Twitter: @kathrynhawkins

Content Refined

An up-and-coming content marketing agency based in Canada was created to simplify the content creation experience. Their goal is to create the speediness and personality of an in-house marketing team, but without the in-house expenses.

Each client receives a dedicated project manager to help develop a content strategy. The project manager assembles a team of content creationists, including writers, editors, and publishers, that will create content based on their data-driven process.

Their end-to-end content marketing service includes editorial planning, keyword research, content writing and editing, SEO optimization, and publishing to your website.

Though still fairly new in the content marketing sphere (founded in 2016), Content Refined is already reshaping how many companies approach the content marketing outsourcing process through their individualized approach.

Learn more about Content Refined here.


Driving growth through content marketing, Fractl offers a suite of SEO, link building, content writing, brand awareness, and other proven strategies to boost conversions and revenue.

Their collection of content marketing services include e-books, white papers, landing pages, blogs, case studies, calculators, infographics, viral content,  social media ads, interactive tools, and other formats.

But what sets them apart is how they design each piece for a certain stage of the sales funnel. Every piece of content is tailored for a specific goal to drive prospects further through the funnel and end in a conversion. They’ve mastered the art of delivering the right type of content with the right message in the right format at the right time to give their clients the best results.

Discover more about Fractl’s content marketing services on their website.

Twitter: @fractlagency

Cosmos Integrated Marketing Portal

This is one of the more cost-friendly comprehensive marketing platforms, starting at just $50/month per user, according to Capterra (pricing isn’t listed on the Cosmos IMP website).

There are two key things that make Cosmos IMP stand out from the pack:

First, they’re one of the only platforms that easily brings together digital and traditional marketing. Cosmos Integrated Marketing Portal (IMP) provides a full-service solution for email marketing, landing pages, direct mail, collateral, social media, signage, presentations, analytics, and more. It’s a great way to fuse all the pieces of your marketing puzzle into a single tracking database to better understand your metrics and where your success is coming from. (I don’t know of any other platform that offers SIGNAGE as part of its suite!)

And second, while most of the powerful content marketing platforms are geared toward agencies (or agencies and companies alike), this one is primarily used by individual businesses or enterprises. It’s a great in-house tool for companies who aren’t outsourcing their marketing.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another SaaS like it on the market right now. Learn more about their unique suite of services on their website.


Aptly named, Brand24 monitors your brand mentions and engagement every minute of every day.  You can track your mentions across all social media channels, news websites, blogs, forums, and other digital locales to see what your audience is saying about you and where they’re saying it. When someone mentions your brand, you’re notified immediately.

One of its standout features is monitoring when the conversation volume changes. If Brand24 notices a huge uptick in mentions than your norm, it lets you know so you can capitalize on the extra publicity.

You can use the platform to identify your industry influencers and further your content marketing efforts.

They offer a free 14-day trial so you can see it in action.

Twitter: @brand24


One of the biggest missed opportunities for content marketers is leveraging user-generated content to its potential. Many marketers are consumed by creating their own branded content or outsourcing it to a content writing agency that they fail to emphasize the true value of what their fans have already created.

Yotpo was designed to bring user-generated content to the spotlight to help marketers better utilize their most powerful content. The platform allows companies to bring customer reviews (think Facebook, Google, or on-site star ratings) and photos taken by users to every stage of the buyer journey.

The platform is used mainly by small business. It offers high-level personalization most small businesses think they can’t afford to invest in. In fact, their starter plan is 100% free (and it’s pretty powerful for a free tool), so you can test it out and master the platform before you decide to upgrade.

Discover more about this AI-powered content marketing tool.

Twitter: @yotpo


Content curation is another big missed opportunity among marketers striving for originality. But remember, the whole point of content marketing is to provide value and insight to your audience, and sometimes that means sharing other people’s content.

inboundli is an automated content curation platform that’s effective, easy to use, and affordable. It automatically sources the best third-party content it thinks your audience will engage with, and will post it to your social channels on your behalf.

The goals are simple: you save time and money in the content creation process by not producing any (or at least not as much). You extend your audience reach on your social channels by sharing high-value content that’s already been PROVEN to apppeal to audiences like yours. And, you’re not wasting valuable man-hours doing research and posting to social media all day.

For those who really do love creating their own content, inboundli will share and reshare (and reshare some more) your newest content so you can expand your reach and get more from every post. This means all your old content from last year or earlier may be able to see new life when it becomes part of inboundli’s arsenal.

This one comes highly recommended from users. You can see it in action for yourself when you request a demo via their website.

Twitter: @inboundli


This multi-faceted platform is like having your own in-house marketing research team, but without the overhead. Using a proprietary algorithm, BrightInfo scans your existing content and website, conducts audience profiling, and personalizes the content they receive in real time while. Each website visitor is greeted with the most relevant content during their natural exploration of your website, leading to better conversion rates and better use of the content you create.

The real cherry on top is the fact that they do A/B testing for you to make sure they’re really delivering the best content possible.

They’ll even give you a free trial so you can see how it all works.

Twitter: @BrightInfoBuzz

A Final Word on the Best Content Marketing Solutions

This list is a combination of content marketing agencies, software platforms, and tools for a reason: there simply isn’t a single best solution out there.

The good news is there IS a solution for everyone, be it a mega-agency that does it all, doing it yourself with the right software, or outsourcing bits and pieces to a boutique agency or freelancer.

It may take some fine-tuning to find the best fit, but rest assured the effort you put into finding the right content marketing partner will be well worth it.