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Getting the Most from Your Blog Ghost Writers

Ghost writers, sometimes called shadow writers or ghost bloggers, are a force for good in the marketing industry. In instances where you don’t have the time or expertise to provide marketing copy for your business or for an upcoming advertising campaign, you can hire a ghostwriter to deliver quality content, usually quickly and inexpensively, that can absolutely pull your chestnuts out of the fire.

At the same time, however, not all ghostwriters are created equal. Writing skills differ, and you may consider going with a cheap ghost writer to save money but end up getting exactly what you pay for. This means that you need to make sure that you choose a freelance writer that has the necessary chops to get the job done in style. Here are some important tips on getting the most from your blog ghostwriter.

blog ghost writer

Get a Ghostwriter and Trim the Fat

It may seem counter intuitive, but the truth is that hiring a blog ghostwriter for content creation can benefit your company in the efficiency department. How does this work? It’s all about division of labor. When you outsource your writing duties to someone else, you free up you and your internal staff to focus on what they do best, This way, you prevent your employees from burning the candle at both ends in an attempt to craft halfway decent social media or blog posts on the regular.

That being said, you can’t just hire a ghostwriter and expect them to simply create content for you in a vacuum. You can supercharge the quality of the blog posts you’ll get from even an already excellent ghostwriter by working with them to ensure they know everything they need about your business, the products and services you offer, your corporate culture, and anything else that’s relevant. This means collaboration is key. Yet even this slight time investment is much more efficient than having your internal staff try their hand at content creation for your blog or any related media.

Working Together Unlocks Vast Potential

Getting the most from your ghostwriter is all about making sure they have the tools they need at their disposal. Even the most adept blogger or writer will not have the inside track on your company in the way you do. Additionally, unless they have a unique perspective, it’s also highly unlikely that they’ll have anywhere near the same expert knowledge of the products and services you offer, either. In manty ways, when you hire a ghostwriter you might be hiring someone who will enjoy writing content for you but might have little to no direct experience in the topics you need to be written. This is why you need to work together with your ghostwriter; collaboration is one of the keys to getting the perfect blog from your ghostwriter.

The specifics of ghostwriter collaboration are dependent on the circumstances of your company. However, it’s a sure bet that they’ll need to get as much information from you as is necessary to perform to the level you need. Since writers serve as the mouthpiece to your target audience, they need as much knowledge about your company as is practical. This means that whenever you hire ghostwriters and then provide them with this information, you can rest assured that you’ve paved the way for them to craft the perfect post for your needs.

Expect Revision and Refinement

Writers worth their salt know that whenever they submit content to a client, it’s going to go through a review process. This means that they expect their content to be read by the client and evaluated before that client then provides feedback. If something needs to be changed to get the blog post more in line with the client’s needs, the writer will revisit it, revise, and refine their approach until the finished product meets with the client’s approval. This means you can’t be afraid to hand back blog posts that aren’t quite yet what you’re looking for in terms of content. At the same time, you can’t expect writers to immediately “get it” when they take an initial first run at an assignment. Unless you’ve been working with them for a long time, your writer will need to dial in his approach to your content through this iterative revision.

This means that, as someone who wants to hire a writer, you need to familiarize yourself with this revision process. Whenever a ghostwriter submits a post, you need to review it systematically before it actually goes online to ensure it meets your needs and hits the targets you set for the blog post. This process doesn’t have to be drawn out or elaborate — a quick perusal should be more than enough to make sure your blog post has the content you need, want, and expect — but it does need to be spelled out in advance and executed consistently. It’s also helpful to establish some criteria for whoever is reviewing these blog posts so that you can determine quickly and easily if a post is ready to go for your blog or if it’s going to need revision. Meanwhile, make sure you have strong and clear communication between yourself and your writer or writers when it comes to your review and revision process so they know what to expect when they get feedback on their project.


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A Constantly Evolving Landscape

For the majority of companies out there, there are few constants in life except perhaps one: their marketing strategy is endlessly evolving. Writing styles that worked once may not be as effective tomorrow, especially as SEO practices change. This is yet another reason why communication with your outsourced writing staff is maintained regularly. You can’t expect a blog ghostwrite to be effective if you don’t inform your ghostwriter of what your new marketing practices are, after all! Otherwise, how can you revisit their content in a way that’s both productive and mutually beneficial?

Back and forth communication with your content writers allows you to make suggestions and answer any questions your blog ghostwriter might have. Additional benefits are that you can also ensure that your blog is conveying the right tone and voice and give your ghostwriter a chance to refine their work as needed to fit each evolution in your blog content marketing strategy. Do this long enough and you’ll establish a harmony with your writer that’s more productive than you could have imagined.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some more questions about what are ghost writers and how they work? Here are the answers you’re looking for.

How much do ghost writers make?

Writers who specialize in providing ghostwritten content for companies, either through blogs or other online content, are typically paid by the word. Depending on skill and experience, pay can range greatly.

What does a ghost writer do?

Writing, of course! Ghostwriters are content writers that provide written content for hire. If a company needs a blog post on a specific topic but can’t produce it themselves, they outsource it to a writing expert that’s willing to create the content for them.

Do ghost writers get credit?

Nine times out of ten a writer does not get credit if they’re writing on behalf of a client. Instead of a name, email or another byline, the writer gets something almost as good: cold, hard cash. They’re paid for the content they create in exchange for relinquishing their ownership rights, and the client gets to credit whoever they want as the writer, including themselves!

Opportunity Never Knocks Twice

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