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3 Ways to Get the Right Blog From Your Ghostwriter

Blog ghostwriters can help your company in many different ways, some of which go beyond the boost they give your marketing campaign. First, a skilled ghost blogger should give your company’s website a huge lift in traffic, social media sharing, and overall online presence. Eventually, these improvements will lead to your ultimate goal of higher sales but the benefits of outsourcing your blog don’t stop there.

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A blog ghostwriter can also help your company become more efficient. Typically, this happens through a better division of labor. When you outsource your blog, it allows your people to focus on what they do best, instead of struggling mightily to craft a halfway decent post every week.

But you’ll get much more value out of your ghostwriter if you give them a little help. Yes, it’s their job to do the writing but there are a few non-writing things you’ll need to do to get just the blog that you need. Here are three great ways you can help your ghost blogger help you.

1. Collaborate with Blog Ghostwriters

No matter how good they are at marketing your brand, ghostwriters will never know your company as well as you do. And they’re not likely to have expert knowledge of the products you sell either. In fact, ghost bloggers often write about topics they have little or no experience with. That’s why collaboration is one of the keys to getting the perfect blog from your ghostwriter.

The specific ways you collaborate with your writer will depend on your company’s situation but you should definitely supply them with whatever information is most pertinent to your current needs. A ghost blogger serves as the mouthpiece to your target audience. As such, they need to know as much about your company as possible. With this knowledge in hand, they can focus on crafting the exact post that you need.

2. Have a Review Process in Place

Whenever a ghostwriter submits a post, it should undergo a systematic review process before it actually goes online. This process doesn’t have to be drawn out or elaborate — a quick perusal should be more than enough — but it does need to be spelled out in advance and executed consistently.

The reviewer should be able to assess the post’s merits using a set of pre-established criteria. It also helps if the pool of reviewers is limited to just a few people. With the review process already in place, you’ll be able to tell very quickly if a given post is ready to go as is or if revisions are required.

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3. Revisit and Refine

For most companies, the only constant in their marketing strategy is constant change. A writing style that worked yesterday might fall flat on its face tomorrow so it’s imperative that you communicate with your ghostwriter frequently. That way, you can revisit their work in a way that’s both productive and mutually beneficial.

These ‘back and forths’ will allow you to make suggestions and answer any questions your blog ghostwriter might have. They’ll also ensure that your blog conveys the right tone and give your ghostwriter a chance to refine their work as needed. Do this long enough and you’ll establish a harmony that’s more productive than you could have imagined.

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