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Hire a Blog Content Creation Service or Do It Yourself?

Anyone can write a blog, right? Just put your thoughts into words and hit the Publish button. Voila! You have a blog.

In a perfect world, perhaps. If you’re a skilled writer who has the time to maximize your blog articles for success, handling your own blog might make sense. But there’s quite a bit more to business blog writing than you might realize.

Let’s explore the benefits of partnering with a blog content creation service and when it makes sense to write and manage your own blog.

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Benefits of Using a Blog Content Creation Service

Partnering with a blog content creation service is much like outsourcing any part of your business that you’re not fully confident you can do to its highest potential.

Briefly, a professional blog service focuses specifically on blog writing. Professional blog writers understand the mechanics and dynamics of blogging to help you achieve the best possible results in every post.

Blogging has multiple moving parts that, when fused together, create a powerful form of marketing that can help you to reach your goals.

SEO Benefits

One of the biggest perks of blogging is how your posts can help you rank higher in search engines. Blogging is an effective way to boost your online visibility and put your company’s website in front of an actively searching audience.

Unless you’re well versed in SEO practices, you may not be able to fully reap the benefit of blogging. SEO is a constantly evolving landscape that requires an ever-present finger on the pulse to ensure you’re playing by the rules and maximizing your content. Using a professional blog service ensures every piece of content gets the SEO treatment so you don’t have to learn the rules yourself.

Topic Research

Many businesses want to blog, but have no idea what to talk about or which topics will make the greatest impact on their SEO. Part of a blog service’s responsibility is helping to come up with topics that connect with your audience, relate to your brand, and will help you achieve your marketing goals.


Your blog should be a channel that helps your audience get familiar with your brand. Even though you’re the expert on your company, it’s all too easy to get sidetracked on creating content based on ideas that suddenly pop into your head without thinking how you can relate them to your brand.

Creating blog content isn’t just about writing information, but creating content that reflects your brand and core messages. Professional blog writers understand how to connect things like voice, tone, and brand in your content to make it look like it came straight from you instead of an outsourced partner.

Time-Saving Benefits

All of the above benefits add up to major time savings for businesses who want the benefits of blogging but don’t have time to do it themselves. Blogging isn’t just a matter of finding time to write, but also learning the skills required to make your content achieve your goals.

Between learning SEO practices, keyword research, topic creation, writing, editing, and publishing, a single blog post can easily take hours worth of work for someone inexperienced in the field.

In many cases, outsourcing blog content to a professional service provider can be far more inexpensive than doing it yourself, giving you more time and resources to focus on other areas of your business.

When Do-It-Yourself Blogging Is the Better Option

This isn’t to say that outsourcing blog content is the best option for every business.

First, consider your actual blogging needs. Are you simply searching for an occasional blog post to send to your loyal fans? Are you wanting to create blog content simply for the sake of having content, with no SEO value or marketing goals in mind? Do you not value high content quality that’s well branded, consistent, error-free, and professionally written?

These are three good reasons to handle your own blog writing around your schedule. All it costs you is time, plus you can do as little or as much blogging as you like.

But keep in mind – you get what you pay for. Unless you’re a professional blogger well versed in SEO, branding, and marketing, you may be disappointed with your results – no matter how great you think your content reads.

What to Look for in a Blog Content Creation Service

If you want to reap the SEO and financial benefits of blogging, it’s helpful to partner with the right blog content creation service. They’re not all created equal.

Some do a better job of helping you strategize your blog posts and optimize them for your audience and for search engines. Others simply write the post and offer little or no guidance on topics, keywords, or other elements that can make your posts pop.

NoStop Content is a professional blogging partner that can help you maximize your content. We offer fast turnaround times, topic research, high-level editing, and SEO best practices so that every blog post you receive is one you’ll be proud to publish on your website.

Contact us today for a free quote and let’s create the best possible blog content for your business.