Blogger’s Paradise: Gookey’s Blog-Focused Keyword Research

Gookey ReviewGookey Review

It’s not just high-level organizations that need SEO tools. Bloggers need them too – and Gookey is one of the few tools focused on blog-centric keyword research.

Gookey the Company

Created in 2017, Gookey is an SEO tool company that focuses on providing lightweight, inexpensive, and easy-to-use keyword tools. Designed specifically for bloggers instead of marketers, Gookey is unique in its approach to providing keyword research that’s based on large-scale SEO but tuned for the specific needs of bloggers.

In fact, Gookey may be literally unique. There’s a very good chance that it’s one of the only blogger-specific SEO tool providers on the internet that’s not just streamlined and responsive but also highly cost-effective as well.

The Tools

Gookey’s core tool is its keyword search function. Users simply input their website address and then use Gookey’s search function to begin researching keywords. The system then provides a number of permutations of that keyword, ranking them on how difficult it will be to rank your site as well as the number of monthly searches for that keyword.

Users can add multiple sites to their Gookey dashboard. Gookey also provides the ability to save keywords into its system for later evaluation or performance tracking. There is also a “Discovery” option where, after examining your target website, Gookey provides keyword recommendations for your specific site. However, this option does require Gookey to spend an unspecified amount of time analyzing its target website.

It said my keywords are impossible

It said my keywords are impossible

Users can try Gookey for free in order to get a feel for the service and to determine if it’s a good fit for their needs. After that, the paid version of Gookey is just $9 a month, which includes unlimited use of all its features on 1 website. This makes Gookey an excellent tool for bloggers or anyone else who wants some quick-and-easy keyword research done, especially as it provides research relevant to specific websites.

The Founders

Gookey was founded by husband-and-wife team Artur and Natali Brugeman. Based in Russia, Artur is a software engineer who has worked in the past for Toptal and has also founded several companies that deal with providing SEO tools to larger audiences such as marketers. Natali is a prolific blogger, focusing on telling the story of their family, focusing on the struggles of their elder child, who is living with Autism.

Gookey grew out of Natali’s frustration with finding SEO tools geared toward bloggers, as she was only able to find resources that were positioned for marketers. This prompted her to work together with her husband to design a low-cost service that would fit perfectly into a blogger’s budget but still provide excellent SEO support in the form of keyword research.

Artur took the expertise and knowledge he gained working on SEO tools like NewShareCounts, a free service that provides accurate Twitter share counts on a website, and MegaIndex, one of the premier Russian-language SEO toolsets on the market today.