Here’s Why Most People Will Never Master How to Write Blog Content

Writing well-beloved blog content is tricky. P.G. Wodehouse once said,

“If there is one thing I dislike, it is the man who tries to air his grievances when I wish to air mine.”

Well, one thing web users dislike is average blog posts. The elite blog posts get the vast majority of the views and attention.

Most people will never master how to write elite blog content. Here are reasons why this is the case (and what you can do to become an elite writer).

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Most People Haven’t Truly Mastered Grammar

Using flawless grammar gives your ideas additional weight. Spotless grammar is rarer than you may think. Even people who have graduated from college don’t have all the technical details down. Free writing software like Google Docs and Microsoft Word have spell check, but they will not correct all your grammar errors.

What can be done? For starters, you can use Grammarly, which is probably the best grammar-checker on the market.


If your budget is limited, you can also use Paper Rater, free software that is more robust than you would think. You should also consider investing in a solid grammar workbook, a move which will give you valuable skills for life. The English Workbook for Dummies is a fine option.

Most People Can’t Write Catchy Headlines

80% of people read headline copy, but only 20% read the actual article. In other words, the headline is often your only chance to grip your audience. It’s where your best, most creative, spadework should be. There are a lot of rules to writing good headlines: include numbers, use CTA words, be specific, etc. A clever way to check your headlines is to use the free Coschedule Headline Analyzer. It gives you a grade (A to F) and tells you step-by-step where you can improve.

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Most People Write Confusing Sentences

Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor, once quipped, “You can never be too rich or too thin.” Some writers take the same appreciation of excess toward the sentence- the more words in a sentence, the better off you are. It turns out these writers are misguided. Books like The Elements of Style, along with newer literature, show that less is more. Most of the time, long rambling sentences nonplus readers. Fortunately, an amazing free application called the Hemingway App exists. It will highlight your sentences (in red or yellow) when they need to be simplified for mass consumption. You can also use the software to improve word choice too.

Most People Don’t Use Links

Links are valuable tools in your content. They help curious readers discover more information about a subject. Also, they are great for promotion. If you link to someone in an article, tell them about it. Some people are flattered to be linked to in your article; they enjoy being the local expert. Many people will promote your article if they have a link within.

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What Do You Think of the Typical Blog?

Do you think most blog content is good? Or do you think most blog content needs work? Does the average blog spark your interest? Becoming an elite writer means always observing, always checking out the competition, and always keeping a finger on the pulse of your industry. Happy reading!