Is Keyword Eye Your SEO Spyglass to Success?

Is Keyword Eye Your SEO Spyglass to Success?

Keyword Eye Review

You need a full-figured SEO solution for your website, one that can be used for Google, YouTube, and beyond. Is Keyword Eye that solution? Let’s find out.

Keyword Eye the Company

Keyword Eye is a Wyoming-based company that bills itself as an all-in-one keyword research tool. Whether you’re looking for keyword optimization for Google, YouTube, or Amazon, or if you’re interested in analyzing the SEO strategies that your closest competitors are utilizing, Keyword Eye claims to be able to provide that information to you at an affordable price.

While there’s little concrete information about the company beyond what it provides on its website, site analysis reveals that Keyword Eye has been around in some form or another since the site was registered in 2009. The street address for the company points to an office building in Cheyenne, according to Google Maps.

The Tools

Keyword Eye provides a number of different keyword-specific SEO tools. First and foremost is its Google keyword research tool, which incorporates data that, according to the company, is more complete and useful than Google Keyword Planner and its other free tools.

Data sets that Keyword Eye uses come from multiple sources that have been incorporated together. These sources include SEMRush and Grepwords in addition to Autocomplete from Google. Keyword Eye supplements these data sets and expands them to include keyword search information for YouTube and also for Amazon as well.

Additional tools that Keyword Eye provides include analysis of competitor websites. The company claims that it can provide users with keywords employed by competitors in order to adapt your own SEO strategies to compete more evenly. Keyword Eye also claims that it can provide users with a detailed look at a competitor site’s backlink profile, further opening the door for users looking to claim market share from competing websites.

Keyword Eye Pricing

Keyword Eye provides a free trial of its basic services for a week. This basic evaluation package includes an unlimited number of searches of Google, YouTube, and Amazon keywords.

Beyond this first week, satisfied customers can opt for the full version of Keyword Eye, which retails for either $17 per month or $157 for a year’s worth of access. Features included in the full version are the same as the trial version plus the addition of keyword competitiveness calculation, a trending content finder, a competitor keyword identifier and competitor link profile, the ability to save, analyze, or sync keywords, and the ability to export data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Over and above the seven-day trial period, Keyword Eye also offers a no-questions-asked 30-day refund. This provides plenty of opportunities for users to test out the system’s SEO keyword tools and determine if they’re worth the monthly or annual charge.

The Founders

Sadly, there’s next to no information about the founders of Keyword Eye. We know that their offices are located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but other than that the identity — or identities — of the Keyword Eye development team is a complete and utter mystery. In most cases, companies that don’t reveal who’s behind the wheel aren’t seen as the most reputable. Whether this is the case with Keyword Eye is unclear.

There are a few troubling telltale signs, though. We noticed that the marketing copy written for the company’s website features more than few spelling and punctuation errors, which usually indicates poor quality control on the part of whoever was responsible for the content.

Additionally, there is conflicting information on older, nearly inaccessible parts of the website that don’t seem to have been updated since at least 2016. Some of this content includes a testimonial from one of Keyword Eye’s supposed 50,000 satisfied customers, but with this information being hidden away and not accessible to the public, it’s a bit hard to take seriously.

However, with the company offering both a free trial and a one-month money back guarantee, there’s little risk in trying them out — regardless of the secrecy.