Looking For More Brand Visibility? List Your Business for Free on These Platforms

Are you looking for an effective way to promote your local business online? Would you like to make it easier for local customers to find you on search?

To boost your brand’s online presence, you need to leverage free online directories. Potential customers use these platforms to identify local businesses. These online directories provide comprehensive information about your business, including location, contacts, and other relevant details.

Reasons to List Your Business Free

Listing your business on multiple online directories offers a plethora of benefits. These include:

  • Boosting your brand’s online presence
  • Better local visibility
  • Increased customer acquisition
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Building brand awareness through word-of-mouth
  • Building brand credibility through a mix of reviews
  • Better SEO performance as directories mostly show up on the first page of Google

By leveraging the most popular online listings, you make it easier for potential customers to find you, engage with you, and talk about your brand in their social circle.

It is also a smart move to build brand trust and try to ensure your business shows up on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs).

In every business listing, you should include your business name, hours, location/address, short description, phone number, website URL, business category, and other relevant information.

Top Places to List Your Business Free

Here are some of the free directories and search engines where you should list your business:

1. Google My Business

Google dominates the search engine market and it is the first place consumers go for brand searches. As of June 2019, Google enjoyed 92.62% of the search engine market share, and it keeps on growing. So needless to say, Google My Business is one of the most popular places to list your business information. You can include business name, location, and business hours. This listing enables your company to show up on Google Maps and Google Search. Your business data will also appear on multiple other Google searches, thus boosting visibility.

2. Bing Places for Business

This is another popular option for businesses seeking visibility online. It is a free Microsoft service where you can add multiple business locations, photos, videos, and a lot more business information. Registration is fast, free, and easy in three steps; claim your listing, complete profile and verify your listing.

Another benefit: Bing is the default search engine for desktop and tablet versions of Windows 8. This boosts your market reach among millions of users on these devices.

3. Yahoo Local Listing

After Google and Bing, Yahoo Local Listing is the most popular free listing for businesses. Local.Yahoo.com currently boasts 17 million visits per month and its domain authority stands at 91. It’s a great option to supplement your local SEO strategy.

4. Angie’s List Business Listing

If your business is in the home and healthcare industry, you should create a free profile with your basic business information on Angie’s List Business Listing. This listing has gained popularity among consumers by weeding out anonymous, low-quality reviews.

A listing on Angie’s not only boosts visibility to your brand but also facilitates transactions. For example, you can communicate with potential customers on the message center. There’s a 24/7 support team to help users.

5. Yelp

Yelp remains one of the most popular online directories. It’s a free business listing platform where you can create a custom profile and advertise your business in a few words.

On this platform, you can also communicate with potential customers. Your business’’s reviews also appear on iPhone Apple Maps. Siri and Alexa rely on Yelp business listings when suggesting local businesses. With its focus on social media interactions, Yelp has managed to gain traction with younger, more social users.

Other important directories and search engines to list your business include Better Business Bureau , Citysearch , YP.com , and Superpages, among others.

Final Thoughts

Claiming your place on multiple business listings is the best way to expand your market reach, increase traffic to your website, boost conversions, and build your brand’s credibility.

Go ahead and list your business free on these platforms and experience incredible growth.