Pinterest Tests the Promoted Video Waters, and It Feels Great

In today’s image-rich society, pictures speak louder than words. With Pinterest’s new Promoted Video rollout, businesses can expect consumer engagement in record-breaking decibels.

Taking a page from the playbooks of other social platforms, Pinterest has tested the video marketing waters by offering businesses the ability to promote their brand via how-to’s, demos, and sneak peaks. With this new cherry-on-top feature, businesses can now combine related, easily accessible pins to support the video content, all in one place.


How does this work, exactly? Consider a user who sees an enticing video for an eyeshadow palette. Interest becomes desire, and the ability to act on that desire is immediately available: a quick glance below the video reveals the pin that will link directly to that product on the company’s website. Are you seeing dollar signs yet?

Users on Pinterest are Looking to Purchase

If your business hasn’t yet delved into the exciting world that is Pinterest, you’re missing out on a captive audience that is readily seeking to engage with your company. The majority of Pinterest-ers use the platform to discover and purchase new products, compared to a meager 12% that use other social platforms to do the same, and the addition of video content makes your products and services exponentially appealing to their ascertaining eyes.


Social media video marketing in itself isn’t new – videos have brought your content to life on YouTube and Facebook for years. So what makes Pinterest’s integration so compelling, and why should you care? There are a few points to consider here:

  1. Live Motion. In a newsfeed of static images, a live motion video quickly grabs the user’s attention. Since this action is new, the user might click the video pin simply to check out the new feature. And when they do, you’ve just increased your impressions by one.
  1. Instant Gratification. Ever watch a video of a product and find yourself ready to buy? Oftentimes the viewer has to take a scenic route to find that product on the website. Promoted Videos demolish the road blocks for ready-to-purchase audiences by displaying a pin for the item directly below the video. One click and the viewer is on their way to becoming your next conversion. That’s curbside service at its finest.
  1. Easy Engagement. Looking from the “pin now, view later” standpoint, Promoted Video gives the viewer an easy way to engage with your video when it’s convenient for them without having to backtrack to find it. This ease of availability also boosts the chance the viewer will watch your video in its entirety and take notice of the supplemental content.
  1. Easy Upsells. Video marketing can help showcase your products, but it typically negates the practice of the upsell. That’s where Promoted Videos shine brightest. Multiple related products or content appear right under the video and expose the viewer to a broader offering. So if the user wants the brush to go with their previously mentioned eyeshadow palette, they’ll know right where to find it.

Pinterest’s Promoted Video brings some of the best social marketing essentials into a single space, and in an easily accessible way you won’t find anywhere else. Remember – a picture says a thousand words, but a video helps you write the whole book.