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Quality Content Costs Money – But It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

If you’ve ever tried to save money by ordering content from a random half-rate agency you found on Facebook or “that freelancer from your hometown,” you know what a mixed bag it can be. I’ve found that businesses know they need content, they see the value in it, but they don’t want to pay the hundreds of dollars that most high-end agencies charge.

As someone who has been in the business a long time, I understand where you’re coming from. It seems like getting content is either super expensive (but high quality) or dirt cheap (but terrible craftsmanship).

Where’s the in between?

It does exist: your best bet is to partner with a boutique agency that can give you the best of both worlds. Here’s why:

Agency vs Boutique Agency vs Freelancer

In general, there are two potential sources for ordering content: agencies and freelancers. I’ll throw in a third option at the end, but let’s start with these:

Digital Agencies Pros and Cons

Digital marketing agencies are springing up on every corner. Most of them offer content creation services as part of their suite, which is attractive for two reasons: First, it gives you a single source for your digital strategy. And second, it can appear like you’re getting a good rate when you “bundle” services like content and digital marketing.

Here’s what they won’t tell you: a lot of digital agencies will outsource skills like content writing to smaller agencies that specialize in copywriting. Naturally, they mark up the price to cover their costs and profit from the other agency’s work.

Also, agencies will usually charge a LOT more because they have more overhead, more staff, more equipment, and more marketing. Big companies have big expenses, and ultimately it’s the customers that pay for them.

Freelancers Pros and Cons

Another outlet that’s gaining steam is using freelancers via platforms like Guru, Fiverr, and Upwork. Freelancers are usually cheaper to hire, you work with them directly, and they’re readily available.

This option is less expensive (at times), but not without potentially costly problems. For starters, you never know what you’re getting when you partner with a freelancer. Even if you ask for samples and references, you never know if they’ll be a good fit for you until you get the final product.

I’ve known some people that have hired freelancers, paid them up front, and never heard from them again. Some of my business partners use freelancers, but they went through about a dozen of them before they finally found one worth working with.

The upfront cost may seem cheaper, but let’s be real: the long-term expenses of using a freelancer don’t always justify it.

Boutique Agency For the Win!

Boutique agencies are usually a safe, fair, and desirable middle ground. Prices aren’t as high as full-scale agencies because there’s less overhead. And since it’s an agency (a real business) instead of a freelancer, there’s quite a bit more accountability and reliability as far as the work is concerned.

But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself when you order content from NoStop Content. Let’s connect today to talk about your goals and how you can get cost-effective content without sacrificing quality.