Social Media Writing

Catchy social media copy that connects with your audience

If you’re not a social media writer or social media manager, your social selling strategy might not be reaching its full potential.

Writing for social media requires a unique skill set that’s different than any other form of writing. What works for one social network might not work for another, so every message you send needs to be tailored to your strategy.

It’s not easy to stand out in the ever-expanding social media pool, but it’s also not impossible. However, you’ll never get noticed without effective content that’s been expertly tailored to the social media scene.

Why Hire a Social Media Content Writer

Writing for social media isn’t like writing for your blog or website. The goals of social media writing are different. The audience is unique. The competition for visibility is fierce.

A good social media writer…

  • Trades sales material for value-driven content

  • Masters the art of the headline

  • Focuses on building brand authority and generating leads

  • Researches audience segments to deliver the most impact

If you want your best chance of making an effective impression, you should look for someone who writes specifically for social media.

While your website is like a sales presentation designed to produce conversions, social media is like a cocktail party where networking is critical and sales pitches are replaced by friendly conversation. It’s a balance of both art and science, and a social media content writer calculates each side of the coin to give you the best results possible.

Social Media Manager

In addition, a great social media writer is also a great social media manager. They can help you determine what’s working and what’s not, why it’s working or not working, and what needs to happen to improve your results.

Our team of social media content writers are also social media managers. We write posts specifically for your social media updates to help you make the best impact.