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16 Efficient Strategies to Improve Customer Experience In Your Company

Delighting your customers is essential in today’s competitive business environment. It makes you stand out from the pack and can convert one-time customers into repeat buyers. Make use of a good customer support software which you can select by browsing a reliable and knowledgeable software review website. However, a quality software solution is not enough, […]

Inside the Misunderstood World of Product Review Writers

Online commerce is here to stay – there’s no disputing that. Amazon, for instance, has more than 186 million unique visitors every month. All these visitors are looking to buy something. In a market that huge, it’s easy to make a purchase you’ll regret – especially since you can’t hold the product in your hands before […]

6 Ways to Break Through Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is awful. It can hit you hard, whether you’re someone who writes for a living or just needs to craft the occasional letter, report, paper, or even handwritten thank you or condolence note. Writer’s block can make what seems like a straightforward writing project feels like moving a mountain. There are strategies to […]

Is Your Blog Dead in the Water? A Ghost Blogger Can Help

If you have spent any amount of time on the creation side of the blogosphere, you already understand the challenges most blogs tend to bring. Creating timely, fresh, engaging content on a regular basis doesn’t just happen. It takes hours to set up a blog, weeks to generate content, and months (or years) to gain a […]

Pinterest Tests the Promoted Video Waters, and It Feels Great

In today’s image-rich society, pictures speak louder than words. With Pinterest’s new Promoted Video rollout, businesses can expect consumer engagement in record-breaking decibels. Taking a page from the playbooks of other social platforms, Pinterest has tested the video marketing waters by offering businesses the ability to promote their brand via how-to’s, demos, and sneak peaks. […]

5 Ways to Make Your Blog Successful

The biggest challenges new bloggers face is often not creating content itself; it is attracting enough readers to their site and determining if the content they make is shareable and interesting. You cannot expect to grow a mass audience overnight, but it is possible to grow viewers one step at a time. If you are […]

6 Common Sense Ways to Make Your Content Look Good on the Web

Web readers are skimmers, if anything. Formatting your content for quick digestion can help you capture and keep your readers’ attention, whether you’re writing about hamburgers, politics, or what Donald Trump is up to lately. Here are six easy ways to make your content look great so web readers stick around and read it. Keep paragraphs short. Online […]

10 Apps That Boost Productivity

Think apps are all about playing games and killing time? Here are 10 apps that can actually be used in ways that may help save time over the course of the day. For businesses both large and small, as well as individuals who want to get stuff done, here are 10 apps that can help […]

Four Tips for Optimizing Your Images for SEO

Businesses, bloggers, writers, and pretty much anyone else who publishes materials online knows the importance of search-engine optimization. Most people recognize that the wording of titles and keywords is critical for SEO, and therefore critical for the success of posts, as it’s the best way to have it seen by as many sets of eyes […]