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Can a Blog Series keep Your Readers Coming back?

Loneliness and Panic in the Blogosphere

Okay, let’s admit it right up front – blog content writers sometimes have absolutely no idea what to say. It happens to all of us at one time or another. Your deadline’s two hours away and you haven’t started writing yet. The clock, unconcerned you guess, continues to tick away. Suddenly, you feel totally alone, isolated in the cold indifference of the blogosphere. You start to panic. The world and maybe existence itself hang in the balance, but you got nothing.

Then it hits you, an idea, a great idea, maybe something huge. But it’s too huge. It’s topical and interesting sure, but way too big to cover in your measly 700 words.

And an overview won’t work either because there’s too much to say. Your post would come off shallow. Maybe it’s an important topic, something you want readers to take seriously. But you have to start now and nothing else comes to mind. So what do you do?

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Blogging Big and Doing it Justice

You guessed it – blog series! Jokes aside, blog content writing has to tackle big subjects sometimes. Even if it’s just to keep readers engaged, it’s good to increase your scope on occasion. But big topics need space, attention, and lots of love if you want to do them justice.

Blogging on the same topic for a few consecutive weeks lets you write about expanded subject matter in the detailed way it deserves. Done right, it can keep a steady stream of traffic returning to your site again and again, as readers start to wonder what comes next. So how do you pull it off? How do you stay on the same topic for a few weeks and stay topical and interesting?

The Right Sized Tool for The Job

It’s all about the subject matter. When choosing a topic for a blog series, makes sure it’s one that deserves the time. Make sure it’s topical, that readers will be interested in it for at least the next few weeks. To use a print analogy, think of a blog series like a feature story, not something you can pull off the wire services.

Choose an ongoing event or something that lends itself to multiple perspectives. Check out the subjects of blog series you’ve enjoyed. If your company does blog writing services, ask your colleagues what’s worked and hasn’t worked for them.

And always anticipate. Look ahead to see what’s big and upcoming. That way, you can get a head start on research and time the posts to coincide with how the event or topic unfolds.

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Let it All Hang Together

Fragmentation is great for postmodern art, but you don’t need anything so lofty for your blog series. A blog series should be unified in an interesting and dynamic way. Make sure the separate posts amplify and reinforce one another, so that the subject can resonate more in the reader’s mind. Make the connections between them clear, explicit, and striking.

But keep the reader guessing a bit too. Build up their anticipation by dropping hints about what’s coming next. Don’t take this too far, but surprise them with a tone shift here and there. Give an aerial view one post, then go microscopic the nest. There’s a lot of freedom to be found in a blog series, as long as you retain coherence and authorship.

Personal Style and Keeping Things Lively

Lastly, use your own unique style to make the writing pop a bit. With a blog series, you’re asking readers for a commitment of sorts. Make it worth their time by using your talent to shed new light on a subject. You’re a writer! Being weird and idiosyncratic is kind of your job. Be whimsical, goofy, passionate – whatever you are in real life.

Use your peculiar logic to make your blog series distinct. If you’re engaged, your reader will be engaged too. Take the title of this blog for instance.

I care about style a lot, about writing things in a way that’s pleasing to the mental ear. And “whys and hows” made me cringe a little. So I left logical sequence at the door and had some fun. Be yourself and your reader will too I bet. Until next time – write, tell pretty lies, and be well.