Inside the Misunderstood World of Product Review Writers

Online commerce is here to stay – there’s no disputing that. Amazon, for instance, has more than 186 million unique visitors every month. All these visitors are looking to buy something.

In a market that huge, it’s easy to make a purchase you’ll regret – especially since you can’t hold the product in your hands before you bring it home. That’s why it’s so important to research your purchase beforehand, but who has time to do that? Most people like shopping online because it’s quicker and easier than going down to the store.



Luckily, there are people out there who have done that research for you. They’re called product review writers, and they’re ready to give you the inside scoop to save you time and money!


Product review writers are special. It takes a lot to dedicate yourself to writing a good online product review, as you’ve got to be honest about the product, its features, and how it might hold up in comparison to similar products.

There are two types of product review writers, the first being those that leave reviews directly on a product’s sale page. Anyone can go to Amazon or a similar site in order to leave a brief review of a particular product. Online retailers encourage people to leave these short reviews, as they’re incredibly helpful in driving the sales of products that are going to satisfy their customers. Happy customers mean return business, after all!

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The second type of product review writer doesn’t leave direct feedback on a product listing. Instead, they write highly detailed reviews, sometimes complete with comparisons between multiple products, hosted on external review websites. This is usually part of an affiliate marketing arrangement between the reviewer and the online retailer – reviewers that get a tiny percentage of any sales they encourage through their reviewing efforts.


Product review writers are sometimes confused with product description writers. It’s only natural – both writers concern themselves with making sure that online shoppers understand what a product is and what it does before someone spends their hard-earned money on it.

The difference between the two is how they go about accomplishing this task. A product description writer is more concerned with presenting a product in the most positive light possible. They’re going to tout a product’s features and benefits and play down its limitations or disadvantages. This is literally their job – write a description of a product that encourages people to buy that product.

Meanwhile, a product review writer lets you know about a product, warts and all. Good reviewers leave nothing out, no matter how minor it might seem.

Product review writers are dedicated to convincing readers to buy the right product for their needs – that’s why they include more information than you would find in a typical product description. The more info you can provide an online shopper, the more informed they’ll be before they make that decision to buy – and the more likely they’ll trust your judgment in the future.


It’s easy to dismiss a product review site that works through affiliate marketing. The term gets a bum rap, and there’s plenty of reason for that. The words affiliate marketing make people think of scams and Ponzi schemes. However, in the world of product review writers, nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s true that product review writers get money when someone buys a product they recommend. Many people feel that this means you can’t trust external product review websites. These reviewers must be in it for the money, right?

Well, not really – product reviewers that are looking to make a quick buck simply don’t last very long. Nobody is going to trust you if you’re obviously in it for the money alone. If you don’t have the trust of your readers, nobody’s going to pay attention to your reviews. If nobody reads your reviews, you’re not going to be successful.


Product review writers are worth only as much as their reputation. If a writer is obviously just trying to funnel clueless online shoppers into their affiliate marketing scheme, you can’t trust their opinion. Who’s going to take your reviews seriously if it’s obvious you’re just in it for the money?

That’s why any product review writer with half a brain knows that they have to provide honest reviews. Tricking online shoppers into buying products that aren’t going to satisfy them will just come back to haunt a product review writer in the end. There’s no quicker way to end your affiliate reviewer career than to ruin your reputation.

Compare this to how product description writers work. These writers only need to convince online shoppers to buy the product they’re describing in order to be successful. If someone buys something they regret based on a product description, it doesn’t matter to a description writer – they’ve already been paid.


Product review writers and product description writers both make money. There’s an important distinction to be made here, though. Product review writers get paid from an online retailer directly, and only if they make a sale. The retailer doesn’t really care what product you recommend. This means there’s no reason for a reviewer to promote one product over another. If it’s a better product, it earns a better review.

Compare this to how product description writers get paid. In many cases, specific marketing companies pay description writers directly. These writers aren’t dependent on sales for payment. Usually, they work for the company that makes or sells the product, and a product description writer’s pay comes from the company’s marketing budget.

This means description writers only tell you what the company wants online shoppers to know. That’s how these writers get paid. However, product review writers don’t need to satisfy a parent company.

They choose what products they review, and they have full freedom to really let you know how they feel about those products. You can always trust a product review writer to give you the real scoop!