Making Optimization Predictable with SEOMonitor SEOMonitor Review

Tired of not knowing how your SEO campaigns are going to turn out? SEOMonitor can inject some much-needed predictability into your next campaign.

SEOMonitor the Company

SEOMonitor originally came to life as a search engine optimization agency located in Bucharest in 2012. In a single year, the company garnered more than 100 clients, providing highly relevant SEO data, until the September 2013 Google update that began encrypting searches. This resulted in SEOMonitor pivoting to create a suite of highly-developed tools that could measure and predict performance based on these new encrypted standards.

From this endeavor, SEOMonitor was designed to take multiple data sets from a number of Google tools, allowing it to unlock keyword information in order to measure non-brand internet traffic even despite the new encryption standards. The results have been high — since then, SEOMonitor’s technology and approach have been used by more than 2000 brands, according to the company website.

SEOMonitor’s primary design philosophy is to take the guesswork out of search engine optimization. The company strives for its tools to provide data analysis that leads to predictable, reliable forecasting, and much work has gone into its algorithm programming endeavors to ensure that it is the case.

SEOMonitor has even been recognized for its contribution to SEO data collection and analysis. The company’s breakthrough service earned it recognition as the  Best Innovation in Software during the 2016 European Search Awards. Today, in addition to its Bucharest offices, SEOMonitor also maintains a presence in London as well.

The Tools

SEOMonitor’s feature set is both vast and rich, well beyond the scope of this simple review. Some of the highlights of this robust toolset are:

Keyword Research and Tracking

SEOMonitor’s keyword research and tracking tools are well-developed. They include automated keyword research and grouping, daily rank tracking, visibility scores, topic explorers, historical search trends reaching up to 4 years back, and difficulty and opportunity strategy metrics. Other core features include data presentation on close variations in aggregate, tracking of specific SERP features, an SEO timeline, support for local campaigns, tracking for changes in landing pages, and unlimited keyword research.

Advanced Forecasting

SEOMonitor makes use of an award-winning forecasting algorithm called the Business Case Builder. Its predictive rate when it comes to traffic and conversion results, providing data on how your business will be impacted if you achieve specific SEO goals. This tool makes use of detailed data visualization methods to parse the information used in order to make these predictions.

Organic Traffic

SEOMonitor’s organic traffic data analysis provides an explanation of traffic trends, offers integration with Google and Adobe analytics as well as Google’s search console, and differentiates between not-provided and brand/non-brand segmentation in order to provide high levels of usable traffic data.

Competition Insights

SEOMonitor provides the ability to research your site competitors to better adapt to their SEO strategies. Tools are available to track all competitors from day one, to estimate non-brand organic traffic, to harness the ability to compare visibility scores between your site and your competitors’, to peruse daily ranks for your competitors, and access to a competitor keyword explorer.

Content Performance

Tools for providing auto-detection of new articles, traffic metrics, and social signals, and visibility score impact analysis are all included in any SEOMonitor subscription membership.

Other valuable but less categorizable services provided by SEOMonitor include the ability to generate branded or white-label reports, unrestricted API access, scheduled email reports or notifications, the ability to export data to CSV or PDF, and an available Chrome web browser plugin. The service also provides support for unlimited users and offers migration services for external SEO data.


SEOMonitor bills on a sliding scale, dependent on usage needs. Both the number of websites you track and the number of keywords tracked for that website can influence the monthly subscription fee you will need to pay in order to access SEOMonitor’s services.

At its most basic, SEOMonitor charges 49 euro per month to track 300 daily keywords for one website. Increasing this to 3000 keywords, for example, raises the price to 175 euro a month. Likewise, 3000 daily keywords tracked across 10 websites would cost 275 euro a month. White label access is also available for an additional 250 euro per month.

SEOMonitor offers a free 14-day trial for those interested in test-driving its services. The company also offers video tours and bookable demonstrations for those who wish to learn more about how its services work.

The Founders

SEOMonitor’s founder and CEO is Cosmin Negrescu, a Bucharest, Romania-based SEO specialist and entrepreneur with several search engine optimization companies under his belt. Negrescu graduated from the Harvard Business School after completing its Entrepreneurship executive program in 2016. Other institutes of study include MIT and Polytechnic University of Bucharest, where Negrescu graduated with a degree in electronics and telecommunications engineering.

In addition to Negrescu’s leadership, SEOMonitor has the distinction of boasting several high-profile individuals on its mentorship board. These include luminaries such as HubSpot’s VP of Marketing Kieran Flanagan. SEOMonitor’s Ambassador leadership also contains many tech high rollers, including BBC Worldwide search marketing head Alexander Royle and Vodafone Group’s global channel SEO lead Nick Wilsdon.