Going for the Long Tail with Keyword Keg



Has it been a chore finding the most effective long tail keywords for your site? Keyword Keg may have the answer.

Keyword Keg the Company

Keyword Keg comes from the same creative team that brought you Keywords Everywhere, that free Chrome and Firefox browser plugin that provides appended data to a number of different search tools. However, Keyword Keg is a separate tool that is geared specifically for finding appropriate long tail keywords for your website.

The core functionality of Keyword Keg is in its diverse data set. This keyword tool pulls search data from more than 10 different APIs, ranging from Google and YouTube to Ask.com, Wikipedia, Big, and Amazon. The wide range of APIs offers a broader understanding of keywords and then applies an array of metrics to this data to offer specific recommendations for your website.


The Tools

Keyword Keg offers a number of tools and features for SEO researchers. These tools include:

  • No daily or monthly restrictions on search volume, providing true unlimited searches
  • The ability to export data to Excel and CSV
  • The ability view CPC and volume metrics are taken directly from Google AdWords
  • The ability to categorize keywords by intent, making it easy to only view those appropriate for your website
  • Advanced SERP features that directly impact every keyword’s CTR
  • Sort and filter functions to winnow out unnecessary or unhelpful keywords
  • A total of 11 suggest APIs, more than any other keyword tool out there
  • Access to a group of custom, proprietary metrics to aid you in finding keywords that will rank easily
  • The ability to upload keywords and receive metrics in bulk, saving time and money.


While Keywords Everywhere is a free browser plug-in, Keyword Keg is not. Instead, it runs on a subscription-based monthly fee model. There are three different tiers of membership: the Starter Plan, the Pro Plan, and the Group Plan, and these tiers are differentiated by the number of features available to the user.


Under the Starter Plan, which is $16 per month or $144 paid annually, provides a single user an unlimited number of searches and full access to the entirety of the 11 APIs Keyword Keg pulls from. Advanced filters, the ability to manage keyword lists and customize columns, and access to AdWords metrics are all included.

The Pro Plan, meanwhile, is $32 a month or $228 annually. It includes everything in Starter plus SERP features metrics, SEO difficulty metrics, a CTR scope, and a keyword power metric.

The Group Plan is functionally identical to the Pro Plan. The only difference is in the price — $98 monthly or $816 annually — and the ability to have up to five unique users.

The Founders

There’s very little information about the founders of Keyword Keg. Following the breadcrumbs from Keywords Everywhere leads us to the name of the company that develops both applications, an India-based outfit known as Axeman Tech.

Normally this would be a bit of a red flag, but whoever is behind Axeman Tech obviously knows what they’re doing. Proof of this is in the 2514 positive ratings that the Keywords Everywhere Chrome plug-in has on its review page, garnering it a solid 5 out of 5 stars. Meanwhile, the Firefox extension has been reviewed more than 10,000 times and has a positive rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Still, it would be nice to have a face and a name to go along with the applications that Axeman Tech is providing to the public, at least to give credit where credit’s due. Yet the insanely high regard that SEO marketers and researchers have for Keywords Everywhere speak volumes for the perceived value of Kewords Keg.