Serpstat: the All-In-One SEO Solution With a Funny Name Serpstat Review

Don’t let the quirky name fool you: Serpstat has one of the most robust keyword-centric SEO toolsets anywhere.

Serpstat the Company

Described as a provider of “growth hacking tools” for search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and content marketing, Serpstat began life as an in-house SEO tool for Netpeak Group. Netpeak was founded in 2015 through an alliance of online marketing and SEO companies.

The conglomeration lists New York City as its headquarters but maintains virtual offices around the globe. Additionally, Netpeak’s listed employees and partner companies are focused primarily in the Russian Federation and in Eastern Europe.

Serpstat encountered quick success internally at Netpeak, resulting in the service branching out and launching as an independent subsidiary by the end of 2015. It has since grown, according to the Serpstat website, to have 95,000 active memberships, over 100 million keywords in its 10-terabyte database, updates at a rate of 15,000 keywords per minute, and maintains rank tracking data for 12,000 cities across the globe.

The Tools

Serpstat provides an all-in-one keyword research toolset composed of the eleven following features:

  • Keyword Research: Serpstat collects keywords for PPC or SEO campaigns, determines their value, finds variations on these keywords, and makes search suggestions to expand your keyword reach. This feature also provides long-tail keyword data, access to international data sets, the ability to explore your page’s relevance, and analyze current keyword trends.
  • Search Analytics: This feature can identify direct organic competitors and compare your site’s visibility to your rival’s. Other features include competitor keyword ranking, domain position change and universal search result tracking, and top page statistics.
  • Advertising Analysis: This feature identifies competitors within the AdWords environment, providing research methods for understanding ads and keywords your competitors use. Serpstat also provides you the ability to adapt and localize your advertising campaigns to specific international audiences.
  • Content Marketing Ideation: A search suggestion database provides ideas for content creation, which works alongside a database of related keywords. Facebook data analysis shows what types of content get shared on the platform the most. Potential traffic analysis makes traffic volume estimations based on your existing websites.
  • Competitor Research: This feature identifies top competitors automatically for up to 200 domains, offers tools to compare individual domains to one another, and identifies which of your competitor’s web pages have the highest amount of visibility.
  • Rank Tracking: Advanced analytics provide complete SERP research, featuring global city-based tracking with the ability to track an unlimited number of keywords daily. Competition dynamics for phrase groups as well as keywords are included, as are unlimited user logins.
  • Market Intelligence: Research tools are provided for both global or regional data sets, offering the ability to track the top SEO or PPC sites. Research can be broad or narrowed to a specific niche.
  • On-Page Audit: In-depth analysis tools that can seek out gaps in optimization, locate and remedy issues both on-site and off-site, and improve the crawl rate for your domain.
  • Reports and Infographics: Serpstat’s simple dashboard provides excellent data visualization, offers email alerts, and can export white label reports to provide clients or employers.
  • API: The Serpstat AI is developer friendly, providing daily data in the form of keyword research, position tracking, competitor analysis, and daily rankings.
  • Backlink Analysis: One-click backlink data analysis provides a minimum of 120 days’ worth of data, including referring domains and pages — for both your sites and for your competitors.


There are four tiers each for personal and business pricing when it comes to Serpstat. Personal use pricing begins at $19 per month and increases to $299 per month, with yearly subscription and 3-year plans offering 20% and 40% discounts respectively. Business plans retain the discount structure but begin at $499 a month and terminate at $2,500 a month.

Differences between plans are primarily the number of queries per day and results per report, though more expensive tiers do unlock more of Serpstat’s core features. The least expensive personal plan, for example, doesn’t include access to missing or related keywords, access to the Serpstat API, white label or branded reports, keyword clustering and text analysis, or phone support. These features slowly get phased in as you reach higher tiers, with the lowest-tier business plan providing all features.

Serpstat also provides a free trial for users to evaluate the type of services they need. This allows individuals and organizations to determine what level of service is appropriate.

The Founders

Serpstat was founded in 2015 by Oleg Salamaha, who serves as VP of Product, and Artem Borodatyuk, who serves as CEO of the company. Salamaha originally conceptualized the product, with Borodatyuk coming on board to drive the expansion of Serpstat. As mentioned earlier, Serpstat began life as Netpeak’s in-house SEO keyword research tools but has since grown well past that. This prompted Netpeak to launch Serpstat as an independent subsidiary.

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