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product description template

Product Description Template: Why You Need One for your E-commerce Website

Are you writing product descriptions that sell, or just inform? There’s a fine line between a product description that tells the buyer what they want to know and one that makes them want to buy. And no, the differences aren’t always as obvious as you think. But once you master the art of the product […]

16 Biggest SEO Influencers on Twitter You Need to Follow

SEO has been a hot topic for digital marketers for years now but it can still be tricky to get it “just right.” With algorithm updates, outdated practices, and tons of misinformation on the digital airwaves, SEO still takes its share of twists and turns and leaves many companies in a cloud of confusion. Not […]

blog ghostwriters

3 Ways to Get the Right Blog From Your Ghostwriter

Blog ghostwriters can help your company in many different ways, some of which go beyond the boost they give your marketing campaign. First, a skilled ghost blogger should give your company’s website a huge lift in traffic, social media sharing, and overall online presence. Eventually, these improvements will lead to your ultimate goal of higher […]